Mochaware Necklace


Hand soldered necklace made from pottery fragments found on the banks of the River Thames.


This necklace is made from a piece of mocha pottery which was produced in England in the 18th century. The pattern was created by the dripping of acidic solutions such as boiled tobacco into the alkaline slip of the pottery before firing. It got its name ‘Mochaware’ because it resembles the patterns on moss agate stone which was imported to England via the Port of Mocha in Arabia (al Mukha in Yemen) in the 18th century. This is where large supplies of imported coffee also came from!

A little piece of London dangling from your neck!

The solder is unpolished more natural finish in keeping with the pottery.

– The necklace chains are 925 silver and 18” long with a lobster clasp.

– Due to the nature of the materials I don’t recommend submerging these in water or leaving them in a humid environment such as a bathroom etc.


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