Finding The Thames

Growing up in a coastal town, I have always felt most at peace when around water. When I moved to London to study history, I found an instant connection with the River Thames.

Last winter I obtained my mudlarking license from the Port of London Authority. This permit allows me to access the foreshores of the Thames at low tide to search for discarded objects in the mud and rubble.

Mudlarking in the Thames is the ultimate way to connect with the city. With each turn of the tide, evidence of two thousand years of human activity is washed onto the foreshore. Objects which have waited patiently for their time in the sun to come again.

Scarmakes was inspired by my desire to combine this new interest in mudlarking with my love for creating jewellery. I am fascinated by the idea of finding objects, which have likely not been touched since they were discarded in the river, and turning them into functional objects again.

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